The Eco-Warriors™ Project

The Eco-warriors™ project spans from a Mobile Game and Comic Book teaching the kids, through Gamification techniques, the environmental actions to be taken for Waste sorting and recycling. From the Recyclable Waste Collected, we analyze and provide CO2e reports for Carbon Tax reduction of Consumer Goods manufacturers.

The Story

Indian Ocean Islands Storyline:

Eco-Warriors™ is the first-ever eco-conscious mobile game application developed in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. Unleash the Eco-Warrior in you as you play this environmental game! users will embark on an exciting journey, starting the level with the Island of Rodrigues to the eco conscious Mauritius, followed by Reunion Island and ending in Madagascar. This Environmental game for kids aims to build an ecological consciousness among the younger generation of the Indian Ocean Islands and African Continent. Simply put, this educational and eco friendly game teaches kids about ecology and conservation via gamification in order to bring back the clean mechanism and restore sustainable development,. This is one of the many purposes of the Eco-Warriors™project as a whole.

In this edutainment game for kids, children accompany two young characters - Girl or Boy in helping them to clean beaches across the Indian Ocean Islands and other historical buildings and places such as Caverne Patate in Rodrigues, by picking up the trash pieces, like plastic bottles and learn the sorting of plastic waste by putting them in the respective sorting bins. Eco-Warriors™ is among the fun games for kids of the age 6 to 11 years old, that not only helps to Awaken the eco conscious Giant within, but to educate and teach the kids to be more eco conscious by learning about the Waste Sorting Process, local and global environmental issues and the actions to conserve biodiversity, reduce climate change and to keep the islands clean and pest free.

Throughout their game journey, the characters meet several endemic animals in the Islands. As they interact with these national emblems, the eco warrior kids are excited to learn about the Environment, History, social and cultural heritage of every Island featured in the game. Moreover, the Eco-Warriors™ is inspired from actual curriculum in force in the Mauritian and French Educational Systems. This free Educational mobile game for Kids harnesses a fun, interactive, Play and learn activities to teach kids about History, Geography and Environmental Issues. Thus, it is important to mention that the Eco-Warriors™ is also for anyone who believes in making a change!

Eco-Warriors™ is the first-ever mobile game application in the entire history to have received the patronage of UNESCO. With the great potential that the Eco-Warriors™ project holds, it has been supported by some of the most influential partners such as France - Mauritius International Chamber of Commerce (CCIFM) and Quality Beverages Ltd.

The main contributors to the destruction of our environment and oceans are global overconsumption; the unbridled exploitation and depletion of natural resources and fossil fuels; inaction towards the preservation of wildlife; the lack of recycling ideas and deforestation at global level. Scientists believe that the Indian Ocean is the second most polluted ocean on earth. For its part, the Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) is sounding the alarm on the thousands of tons of plastic debris and oil that are spewed into the Indian Ocean each year. Given this observation, there is an urge for private and public sectors all around the world to join forces to enforce long-term solutions to environmental pollution focusing on Education and Awareness.

In the era of AI:artificial intelligence, it is becoming increasingly clear that digital technology plays a crucial role in establishing a lasting impact on intergenerational consciousness. Being a pioneer in sustainable development goals and gaming, Eco- Warriors™ uses play and learn approach to establish a circular economy, sustainability and green solutions. Obviously to advance the circular economy for productivity and sustainability, the Eco- Warriors™ project is the key to Mauritius increasing global recognition.

The Game

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The Comic & Activity Book

The Eco-Warriors™ game goes further by proposing a second Phase of the game that provides a learning experience via monthly Comic Book that continues the adventures This is a Super Call-to-action, where the kids play to exchange 5 kilos of household recyclable waste and in return get Free Comic Books to learn. The collected waste is transformed into eco bricks for construction work and sold to raise funds for other environmental engineering initiatives.

Comic books are a visual art form that not only get readers’ interest swiftly but they also challenge them to explore linked in learning creatively. The gameplay, storyline and characters of the Eco-Warriors™ reflect on people’s real lives; making them feel more self- conscious about the environment and how one can step it up, always take risks to contribute in making the world a better place.

The Eco-Warriors™ comic book is a motivational and educational tool that will be used in schools around the Islands for teaching kids. It highlights the importance of visual communication and Visual Learning for the creative child. The kids can use these comics as a form of educational entertainment and as an Academy Journal with the Q & A questions.

To encourage waste sorting practices, over 2500 Eco-warriors™ Recycle Bins will be distributed in Mauritius, including public places and primary schools. The recycle bins are made by small local businesses in Mauritius, from 100% recyclable wooden palettes divided into three compartments: Plastic, Paper and General waste. The first Eco-warriors™ Recycle Bin was distributed at Raoul Rivet Primary Govt. School on 18th September 2019. As from 20th November 2019, the Eco-warriors™ Recycle bins will be placed in both private and public primary schools and malls. The aim of having the Eco-warriors™ Recycle bins implemented in public places, is not only to create a link to the game by teaching kids how to sort waste but also to encourage parents and adults to start this process.

We have linked in with several Eco-startups in Mauritius to coordinate the waste collection and are currently in talks to have other businesses join the Eco-warriors™ Project. We are also alongside establishing partnerships with Trustworthy Local, Regional and International Institutions involved in Sustainable Development, Promoting the Islands of the Indian Ocean and Putting Technology at use for solving Environmental Issues. In the long-term, Eco-warriors™ aspires to become a key actor in Mauritius Island’s transition to having a Circular Economy. A number of ecological initiatives will be organised throughout the phase II of this unique social initiative.

CO2 Emission Reports

The Eco Warriors™ provides a cost effective solution to track CO2e for global reporting needs. The reports will simplify tracking and reporting progress of consumer waste by tracing it from the manufacturing units to where it has been consumed and collected. We then provide the report to Consumer Goods Manufacturers so they can understand their CO2 emissions and reduce their Carbon Taxes.

What our Reports tracks (based on collected waste):

  • Top 10 Consumed Brands per Area

  • Average No. of Consumers per Area

  • Average Consumption Quantity per Area

  • CO2e of Consumed products per area

  • Types of Waste and Types of Plastics per Area

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